This is more than music. We are more than a label. Kerusso Music is the manifestation of hip-hop centered on the power and love of Christ. This is music

that edifies and inspires. We are a label bent on hope and progress.

     We are Oakland's installment in a nationwide movement. Hip-hop is in is second generation, having elevated from a fad to mainstream. The first generation still love the art form, but many are too evolved for the childish and impure themes perpetuated in the mainstream. While they loved the fun and rebeliousness of rap in their youth, they are mature now. They have developed values. They have children of their own. They prefer peace and productiveness. Many have made Jesus Christ as Lord of their life.



     Our goal at Kerusso Music is three-fold:

Provide music for those who                  but                                      That number is growing exponentially.

love Christ even more.

                        that is indoctrinating our youth with ideologies that hurt the community. Provide an                                       who digest hip-hop but are misled by the problematic messages in their favorite artists. Instead, we offer the mind of Christ in order


Infiltrate a culture

change paradigms and promote growth.

alternative for young people

Make good music. Christ-centered hip-hop is known by many as subpar. But the standard has been raised over the last few years. We believe it is even more important for music with

                                            Every element (from lyrics, to beats, to production, to videos, to promotion, and so on) is guided by a high standard of professionalism and excellence.

professionalism and excellence.

meaningful content to be quality.

© 2020 by Kerusso Music, LLC

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